Council Meeting   Date: 15 May 2019, 7pm, Filesize: 522mb


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Order of Business

  • 1. Opening Declaration
  • 2. Apologies For Absence
  • 3. Disclosure Of Interest
  • 4. Confirmation Of Minutes
  • 5. Matters Arising From The Minutes
  • 6. Public Question Time
  • 7. Reports From Committees/Councillors
  • 8. Chief Executive Officer Report
  • 9. Assemblies Of Councillors
  • 10. Officer Reports
  • 10.1. Strategic Partnership Application - West Vic Academy of Sport
  • 10.2. Midlands and District Amateur Swimming Association Strategic Partnership
  • 10.3. Ballarat's Creative City Strategy and Creative Precinct Master Plan
  • 10.4. PLP/2014/495/a - 203 and 203a Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree
  • 10.5. PLP/2018/852 307-309 Mair Street Ballarat Central Buildings and works associated with a tavern, use of land for sale and consumption of liquor (on premises licence), waiver of car parking requirements and display of business identification signage
  • 10.6. PLP/2019/38 - 28 Main Road, Bakery Hill
  • 10.7. Council Plan Progress Report - Quarter 3
  • 10.8. Royal South Street Strategic Partnership Application
  • 10.9. Bakery Hill and Bridge Mall Masterplan Progress Report and Early Works
  • 10.10. Quarterly Financial Report.
  • 10.11. Draft 2019-20 Budget
  • 10.12. Council Plan Annual Review
  • 10.13. Food Strategy
  • 10.14. Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2021
  • 10.15. Invermay Recreation Reserve Special Committee Membership
  • 10.16. Contracts Special Committee of Council - 6 March 2019
  • 10.17. S11A Instrument of Appointment and Authorisation (Planning and Environment Act 1987)
  • 10.18. S6 Instrument of Delegation - Members of Staff
  • 10.19. Outstanding Question Time Items
  • 11. Notice Of Motion
  • 12. Urgent Business
  • 13. Section 89 (In Camera)
  • 14. Close

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